How to Get Someone Back

One big question people have when they have been dumped by their partner is whether they can get someone they loved back.  There are a number of tricks and techniques you can do ensnare someone you loved, but the main question is whether you want to.  Even if it does hurt a lot, should you let go and move on with your life?

If you have decided that you want your ex, there are three options to take, only one of which is truly effective.

Most people choose the desperate path that is to act needy.  Some will write or text terrorism to their ex pouring out their heart.  They dial and call or send non stop text messages..

This will not work in fact it tends to be a turn off.  Your partner will feel hunted and go out of their way to shy away from you.

A second tip is recommended by many of the “how to get someone back” online products and it involves playing mind games.  Show up where he hangs out and then talk to everyone but him.  Flirt a little with his buddies. Even go on a casual date with his best friend.

These tricks won’t repair your broken relationship – even if they get him back short term.

If you really are determined to get someone back, you need to take control of yourself.  Become the women he fell in love with all over again.  Do a makeover and take better care of yourself.  If you start dating it will let him know that you are an attractive person to other men. 

When you are able to take control of yourself, there is some hope that he will fall in love with you again.  You don’t have to hound him or even play any games with him. You simply moved on with your life while being open to his returning.

This way, you start to move on while leaving the door open which is probably the best way to leave things if you want to get someone back.

Still Be Friends?

One of the standard lines in a break up is “Let’s just be friends.”  Is it possible to just be friends with someone who you have previously had an intimate relationship?

Allow each other some space to think things over and move on with life. You should not have any contact with each other including phone calls, meetings, or emails.  Go out of your way to not be present where the other one is.

If you just want to remain as friends then the feeling must be mutual.  If one of you do not want the relationship then it’s not possible.

You should also establish boundaries.  For instance, how often do you want to see or call each other?


The phrase says it all “this too shall pass.”  It is not very easy.  But, life isn’t easy. Life is not a bed of roses but filled with sorrows and joys.  Rejoice in the fact that you are human and even you don’t get to get that someone back believe that you will find your soul mate in the future.

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