Get Back Together

Often people have a relationship, break up, get back together and then break up again.  So what is going on?  Is the relationship on or is it off?  This can be a confusing time, but this is when things need to be evaluated by both sides.

Couples have differences all of the time, even after marriage.  No relationship is completely perfect.  Anytime you place two different individuals together there are going to be little spats-that’s just the way life works.  The key is to determine if they are insignificant disagreements or if something else is going on that might be a little more serious.

Almost everyone has been in at least one relationship where there were little tiffs here and there and it seemed as if both people just couldn’t seem to work out all of the details.  If there was always a little static present between the two it would account for breaking up once, or even more than once.  But whatever it was that caused the difference of opinions, was it worth breaking up over or was it just the excuse needed to end the relationship?  This is something that has to be answered.

In a true relationship that is meant to be, there are always going to be differences.  But these couples work through it.  Breaking up should not be the first answer for a solution that they come up with.  It seems as if there is something deeper and this is the excuse to finally make the move to end things.

Also, it needs to be determined if it is the same person who is always offering to end things.  If this is the case, then it might be the problem of only one person.  This might, in fact, actually be a one-sided relationship.  In that case, the one who is interested in continuing it needs to see that they are apparently the only one interested in being vested as a couple.

Some couples just can’t work things out and in this case, some couples should see that this is a clue that maybe things were not meant to be.  If that were not the case, then it would not be such a struggle to stay a couple.  If you are in the cycle of being in a relationship, break up, get back together and so on, then there is a reason that this keeps happening.  Maybe your feelings are trying to tell you something.

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