Secrets to Winning Back Your Boyfriend

Breaking up can be a very painful process for both you and your ex-boyfriend.  It can be made even more difficult, if after you breakup with him, you realize that it was a mistake.  Is it possible to win back a boyfriend when you are the one that initiated the breakup?  The answer is yes; however, you will need to be very careful about the steps you take to get him back.

Be Patient

It takes a while for most people to heal the wounds caused by a breakup.  Give your ex boyfriend time to get over the worst of his hurt and anger before you approach him about getting back together.  If you barrage him with a series of phone calls or text messages before he is ready, it will simply make him angry all over again. This will set you back.

Take it slow and reintroduce the possibility of reconciliation slowly.  Give him time to think about the possibility before going any further.  Give him the time needed to get past the hurt so he can clearly remember the good times you two shared together; then maybe he will be willing to listen.

Write It Out

When you think he is ready to hear it, write down your feelings and give them to him.  A written apology and/or explanation is the better way to go.  That way you can be sure that you say what you really want to say.  Sometimes when we try to have conversations about emotional topics, the emotions get in our way and we do not say everything we really want to.

Take your time writing this letter.  It can be a very successful first step but only if it comes across as sincere.  Make sure that it says exactly what you want it to but do not fill it full of a lot of excess begging or silliness.

Take Care of Yourself

While you are waiting to make your move, take the time to make yourself a better person.  Keep yourself physically fit and make sure that you eat healthy.  Many people deal with the emptiness in their lives behind eating empty calorie foods. If you do not take steps to avoid it, you may be asking your ex boyfriend to take back a larger version of yourself.

Do not make him the inspiration for your activity.  Do it for yourself.  If you only do it for him then if the reconciliation does not work out, you will rapidly regress back into your former self.

Tell Him You Want Him Back

Once you have taken the time for both you and him to recover from the breakup, tell him that you would like to try again.  Now is not the time for subtlety.  Make it as clear as you can without coming across as desperate or commandeering.  Once you have made your intentions clear, you may want to give him some more time to decide how he feels about the idea.  If you are afraid that he is not ready to hear it from you, feel free to send one of your girlfriends on a mission of mercy.  Have them tell him that you would like to get back with him and see how he reacts.

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