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I’m In Love With Someone Outside My Control

Be careful if you’re in love with someone who is “outside of my control”. Determined to get him back… He is the love of my life… I will never let him go again… Although they may be true, there are ramifications to saying these things to yourself or to others. Firstly, It screams desperation. Although […]

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Making Up – Mistakes That Ruin Your Chance

If you want another chance making up with your ex, it can be a bit tough. When you have a breakup, the way you would typically act is replaced with a frustrating or stressful attitude. You don’t behave as you would normally under breakup stress. For that reason, care should be taken when dealing with […]

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Get Back Together With No Contact Rule Work?

When you have been dumped, it may seem impossible to pick up the pieces and keep moving. You may feel like life isn’t worth living without getting your ex back by your side. Is it hard for you to wake up in the morning or go to bed in the evening? However, there is a […]

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