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Getting Your Ex Back – Snags and How to Avoid

Have you ever got something caught in a zipper?  Notice that no matter how you pull, it’s almost impossible to keep zipping that zipper up or down.  A breakup is like the thing that snagged your zipper, and just like a zipper, when a relationship ends continuing to pull the zipper in the blocked direction […]

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5 Steps to Heal a Broken Heart

You can take a process that requires just five simple steps on how to heal a broken heart and to get over your heart-break.

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How Do I Know My Ex Boyfriend Still Loves Me?

We all think we know our partners very well.  How do i know my ex still loves me? The fact is we’ve got used to reading their body language, the tones of voices and the smallest gestures. And when we go through a breakup we’re bound to try to work out their true feelings by […]

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Helpful Tips on Surviving a Break Up for Women

When you’ve been through a rough breakup there are plenty of people ready to offer you advice on how to cope, how to act and how to think.  However, at a time like this, you really feel as if you’re on your own. A breakup is one of the toughest experiences you’ll ever have to […]

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