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Getting Your Ex Back from Someone Else’s Arms

When a relationship ends, it leaves behind scars of pain, confusion and even resentment.  These scars can heal and people can move on.  However, sometimes moving on is not on the agenda because you can’t stop loving and wanting him. It’s a normal reaction to finally being alone after some time. This is even more […]

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Fix Your Relationship? Relationship Questions You’ll Likely Want to Know

There are a number of questions you need to take into consideration if you would like to fix any problems in your relationship. Even when the prospects are fairly good, it is still a tricky thing to mend relationships, and it is hence crucial that you make use of the most appropriate questions. This is […]

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Lets Just Be Friends? The Phrase that Spells the End?

Nobody wants to hear this.  Everybody just knows bad news is on the way. You thought your relationship was serious but now the walls have fallen in.  If she loves then, well, she loves you, so why does she want things to change? Is she trying to let you down gently?  Or is there more […]

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My Ex Wants Me Back – Here’s Some Positive Signs

The end of a relationship leaves a lot of mess. It’s rarely clean, crisp and straightforward and it leaves both partners with a lot of conflicting feelings. You may well be wishing you could try again. And it’s just as likely that your ex feels the same.  So if you’ve been looking for signs in […]

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He’s With a Woman Now – Are We Finished?

So many people flee from one relationship right into another.  Everybody’s heard about being on the rebound.  It makes the end of your relationship seem truly final to see your ex already settled with someone else.  But is that really true?  You’ll be surprised – and heartened – to know that your partner’s rebound might […]

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