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Men Loves to Hear These Words from Women

Simple ways of doing this are: Words men loves to hear are, “Thank you” to smile and laugh at his jokes; to show your appreciations by doing something for him.

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Let’s Just Be Friends? What Does it Mean?

You’re the world one moment and the next you’re nothing. Is that really possible? Just days ago you were talking about how you and your boyfriend were going to be together forever because you knew you loved each other and then today he suddenly breaks it off, saying perhaps ‘lets just be friends‘. He’s confused. […]

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Does He Love Me? How to Know

When Cindy’s boyfriend broke up with her he admitted he was a little confused with his feelings and that perhaps they should split up. Cindy wanted to ensure they could still be friends so she asked. He agreed. However, a few days later Cindy hadn’t heard anything from her ex other than that he was […]

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My Boyfriend Left – Why He Left?

Do you want to know the secret to why he left you for some other girl?  Look no further.  Herein lays the secret to why he left you and how you can get him back. When a guy leaves a girl, it’s rarely for a supercilious or superficial reason like “She’s more attractive than my […]

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