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What Does He Really Mean When He Says, “Let’s Be Friends”?

You may have heard this phrase “Let’s be friends” before. Now having the man you love tell you that he just wants to be friends can be a very painful experience. Once you have recovered from the shock you may have questions as to what he really means by that phrase.   It may be […]

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Winning Your Man Back After He Says, “Let’s Be Friends”

When a woman speaks openly with her friend about a relationship that’s failing and how her ex-boyfriend just told her that he “wants to be friends”, the friend’s automatic response is, “I’m sorry”.  The friend assumes, as most people do, that what the ex-boyfriend actually means is that he no longer wants to date her. […]

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Does “Let’s Be Friends” Always Mean the End of a Relationship?

Men have long been afraid of hearing the words “Let’s just be friends” come from their girlfriends’ lips. Those four words together are perhaps the most feared in the dating vocabulary. Men believe that with those words they are hearing the end of their relationship and whatever future they may have planned with this woman.  […]

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Can a Relationship Recover From “Let’s Be Friends?”

No one ever wants to hear the words, “Let’s be friends” from the person they are dating.  All too often people assume that those words mean the end of a relationship. They figure what their ex really means is that they want to break up and never see each other again.  However, this is not […]

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Do the Words “Let’s Be Friends” Mean The Relationship Is Over?

Many people end relationships by saying, “Let’s just be friends”. Hearing those words may leave you feeling hurt and frustrated. What does that phrase actually mean? Does this mean the relationship is over with no chance of reconciliation or do they really mean that they want you to stay a part of their life?   […]

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